Traffic Defense & DUI

Attorney Mohammed was a DUI prosecutor at the Daley Center where he prosecuted thousands of DUI cases. He has also represented in numerous DUI jury trials and won 100% of them. In addition to his extensive experience in litigating DUI cases, Attorney Mohammed has prosecuted thousands of traffic cases, including driving while license is suspended or revoked; speeding tickets; leaving the scene of an accident; driving without insurance; and reinstatement of suspended or revoked driver’s license.

Effective Defensive Strategies

A DUI conviction comes with drastic penalties, including a suspended or revoked license; possible jail time; probation; conditional discharge; or court supervision. Yet, DUI laws are written to make it easier for prosecutors to prove. As an example — and contrary to popular belief — DUI does not in fact always mean Driving while Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol —  the prosecutor does not need to prove driving to get you convicted of DUI. If they can prove that you had actual physical control of the vehicle while you were under the influence, you could be convicted. The definition of “actual physical control” is that you are actually physically capable of putting the vehicle in motion. For this and other reasons, it is of utmost importance that a truly experienced Chicago DUI attorney is fighting on your behalf.

Whether you have received a ticket for a driving infraction or speeding, MohammedLaw will provide you with the most effective defensive strategies for your case to ensure peace of mind moving forward.


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